p On 24 August 1978, Pravda carried the following new item about Nicaragua: "On Tuesday some twenty Sandinista National Liberation Front guerrillas carried out a daring raid to draw world public attention to the crimes of the murderous Somoza dictatorship. They disarmed the guards and occupied, in downtown Managua, the Nicaragua capital, the building of the National Palace which houses the offices of the National Congress and several ministries. . ..”

p As you may remember the raid was a smashing success. Shortly afterwards a popular uprising erupted, in which the patriotic forces came to grips with Somoza’s punitive National Guard; however they were outnumbered and the dictator managed to stay in the saddle.

p The two of us visited Central America in late 1978 and early 1979, that is some six months before the downfall of the Somoza regime. We interviewed many Nicaraguans there and assembled a wealth of background material. One of us was even able to visit a Sandinista hideout.

p The book in your hands will tell you what was happening in Nicaragua as 1978 drew to a close, about Somoza, his regime and its backers, and also about the Sandinistas and opposition aims and purposes. Actually you have here two books for the price of one, the first, The Storm of Tiscapa by Oleg Ignatiev, presents a panoramic picture of events plus an analysis of the situation, the second Sandinista Camp Glimpses, is Genrykh Borovik’s account of his visit to a Sandinista hideout.

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